Luke Benjamin Bernard was pursuing an acting career in LA when he was in a near fatal single car accident. Inspired in a dream, he wrote a feature film script, The Favorite, about two brothers who depict his miraculous physical and spiritual recovery. This inspirational faith film will be a knockout punch with one brother being a MMA fighter and the other a miraculous recovery.

Luke’s name means light bearer which is why the name of the production company is Light Bearer Films

Logline: A son fights for his life and his brother fights for their father's favor. 

The Favorite is an inspirational family film that was the start of the company, Light Bearer Films, whose mission is to make inspirational films to share His light to the world.

Feature Films

The Favorite

Benjamin Bernard fights to be the favorite son, but his older brother, Luke, is loved more or so he perceives. Ben believes that if he is the best MMA fighter he will win over the affection of his father, Daniel, but Luke is a soccer player which is Daniel’s favorite sport. The family’s life is changed forever when one son suffers a traumatic brain injury and has to fight for his life. In this family dynamic, they experience love, forgiveness, loss, healed relationships, and ultimately the realization that we are all God's favorite.

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